ROI of a Dance Education

How do you put a price on investing in personal growth? This is a question that many of us ask every day. We ask because we don’t always see a tangible ROI (return on investment). But personal growth isn’t tangible. It can’t always be seen or touched. But it can be felt. It can be heard. It can be experienced.

I was just in Fort Myers, FL teaching last week. I was teaching a private tap lesson to a girl who has a good deal of natural ability. She could be quite good. But she doesn’t trust herself. She doesn’t believe in her mind, and therefore in her heart, that she knows what she’s doing. I spent a good deal of time convincing her, and saying to her teacher in front of her, how good she actually is. How much potential she had. That she just needed to trust herself more. She cried. Hearing that someone else believes in us and that we are enough, when we ourselves don’t believe it, can be very difficult to hear and accept.

This, to me, is the greatest downfall of great humans. The obstacles we create in our own minds are the only obstacles that we cannot overcome on our own. Anything life puts in front of us, we look at it, grin with determination and conquer it. But the stuff that we put into our own heads always seems insurmountable. If we learn to conquer these things, these thoughts, that essentially become the death of our dreams and ambitions, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished.

This is what dance does. By accomplishing super human feats of physical strength and grace through a process oriented training experience, we learn that there is nothing we cannot overcome. We stop saying I can’t and start saying, I’m gonna figure that out if it kills me. We stop saying I’m not good enough and start saying I’ll try again tomorrow. We stop saying I’m not strong enough and start doing push ups. You want to know the greatest ROI you will ever get for your child? Put them into dance classes. Let them discover their true potential by accomplishing something new every week. Let them discover problem solving, communication and creativity by exploring movement in a safe and nurturing environment. The return isn’t about a career. It isn’t even about money. It’s about living a life with eyes, mind and heart wide open so that they can experience everything this universe has to offer. So dance with us. We’ll teach you how to live.

P.S. I received a message later that evening from that student’s mother thanking me. She said that her daughter got a confidence boost she needed. I don’t know how long term an impact I will have had, but I know that I got her moving in the right direction.


(MPower Dance Workshops is an in-studio convention experience inspiring a shift in the culture of dance training by making clear connections between dance training and success in life.)


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