Trust your village.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child.” But have you really thought about what that means? It’s not just about people. It’s about a shared values system and respect for your neighbors. It’s about being responsible for how your actions effect everyone else in the village and how the village acts as a whole to support the individuals that make it up. When you choose a dance studio, it becomes an essential part of that village in your child’s life. The instructors that your child is training with were chosen by the studio owner/director that you have entrusted with your child’s education. That word, TRUST, is so important. We see Dance Moms and So You Think You Can Dance and we develop expectations (quite often unreal expectations) of what our child is capable of. It is not about whether they will grow up to be the next dance superstar; it is about whether they are getting an education that is preparing them to step out into the world and thrive in whatever avenue they choose to walk down. Trust that the people who have spent their lives training and educating themselves in this art form have your child’s mental and physical well-being in mind when they say that your child is or is not ready to move up to the next level. Trust that it isn’t personal and the last thing they want is to demean or diminish your child’s sense of self-worth or image. We live to encourage and empower your child to be the best dancer and human they can be. Let us do what we do best, but be involved. Ask them what they learned. Ask them about what challenged them and why. Ask what they can do better but don’t forget to ask them what they accomplished. They need to recognize those tiny victories to understand that life and success is a process, not a product. Let us be a part of your village. It’s why we set ourselves on this path.


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